June 2013 had some interesting developments for The DJ Podcast and the industry. Last month saw the release of the Traktor Pro 2.6.2 update and the Windows version of One DJ from Audio Artery. There was also images of a possibly leaked Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2. For The DJ Podcast, we posted our first set of VLOGs and One DJ tutorials. If you missed anything from the last month, you can find all of the month’s posts organized by category below.

Industry News
Is this the Kontrol X1 MK2? My thoughts on the “leaked” images
Traktor Pro 2.6.2 Update: Remix Deck MIDI Mapping is FINALLY Here

Traktor Pro 2 Tutorials
How to Beatgrid Tracks with Intros
How to Create Effect Presets with MIDI Mapping
How to Import & Export MIDI Mappings
Tips for Mapping Multiple MIDI Controllers
How to Sync TouchOSC and Traktor Pro 2

Maschine Tutorials
Jump Between Scenes with Scene Sync
How to Change Group, Scene & Sample Colors
How to Access 64 Patterns Using Pattern Banks

One DJ Tutorials
How to Create Custom Layouts
How to Create Beatgrids

DJ Mixing Basics
How to Use a DJ Mixer
Headphone Cueing & Split Cue Tutorial

Ableton Live Tutorials
Understanding the Session & Arrangement Views
How to Install Custom Skins
How to Create Custom Skins

How to Create Video Tutorials
Part 1 – Choosing a Topic & Preparing a Script
Part 2 – Recording Your Voice and Computer Screen
Part 3 – Editing and Compressing

Traktor Pro 2 & Parallel Waveforms
Are Parallel Waveforms Still Relevant for Digital DJing?
Warping in Ableton Live is Hard & Remembering Warpsauce
Do Visuals FINALLY Matter to DJs?
The Future of the CDJ