Maschine Tip: Jump Between Scenes with Scene Sync

Software: Maschine

Tags: tutorial

When using Maschine in a live performance setting, you may want to adjust how Maschine jumps between scenes. Directly above the group selectors is the word SYNC. By pressing on it or the number to the right, you can access the scene sync menu. This value represents the length of time that Maschine will wait before jumping to the next scene that you select. The first 4 options are bar lengths. The longest bar length value is 1/1 which is a whole bar. The short is ? which is one eighth of a bar. The fifth option is scene. By selecting scene, Maschine will wait until the scene that is currently playing finishes before jumping to the next scene. The final option is OFF. With off selected, Maschine will disregard the entire notion of quantization and immediately jump to the next scene.

To access the scene sync settings on the Maschine hardware controller, start by pressing the Grid button. Next, press Button 2 and use the pads to select the desired scene sync setting.