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-Mixmag on Eddie Halliwell

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are the bread and butter of The DJ Podcast. Each video focuses on a very specific topic and is straight to the point so you don't have to sit around waiting for "the good part". Our growing tutorial archives let you browse by date, software, and focus so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Online Courses

Over 5000 DJs have already signed up for our free and premium online courses. Our online course make it easy to learn about a new piece of DJ software, music production techniques, or promoting your DJ mixes online. You can learn more about our online courses by visiting our course catalog.

Live Stream Events

Live stream events on Mixify and YouTube are a combination of live instruction and mixing. Each stream starts with a tutorial session on a specific topic and ends with a a live DJ mix. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the chat and ask questions to be answered during the Q&A portion of the event.

Latest Video Tutorial

Traktor Pro 2 BeatSlicer Effect Tutorial


This video tutorial will teach how to use the Traktor Pro 2 BeatSlicer effect to chop and slice up tracks in your DJ mixes.

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