Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.5 Tutorial: How to Create MIDI Macros

July 26, 2013

MIDI macros allow you to perform multiple actions at once with your MIDI controller. In this video we look at the new MIDI macro feature in Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.5.

How to Customize Your Maschine Controller

July 10, 2013

In this video I’ll show you how to customize the Maschine hardware controller using the Native Instruments Controller Editor software. This includes creating new MIDI templates, adjusting the pad velocty curve, and creating switchable knob and button pages.

Traktor Pro 2: Tips for Mapping Multiple MIDI Controllers

June 23, 2013

In this video I’m going to share a few tips that might help you if you’re mapping multiple controllers in Traktor Pro 2.

Traktor Pro 2 Tutorial: How to Import & Export MIDI Mappings

June 16, 2013

In this video I’ll show you how to import and export midi mapping in Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2.

Traktor Pro 2 Tutorial: How to Create Effect Presets with MIDI Mapping

June 4, 2013

Traktor Pro 2 allows you to save an effect snapshot for each of its effects. It’s great, but you’re only allowed to save one snapshot per effect. Watch this video to learn how you can use midi mapping to get around this limitation.

Maschine Tutorial: How to Enable Host Transport Controls

May 29, 2013

When using Maschine as a VST in a DAW like Ableton Live, the transport controls on the Maschine controller become inactive. To remedy this problem, Native Instruments implemented the host transport controls feature. By using this feature, the Maschine controller will send MIDI to your DAW when you use the transport controls while all of the other buttons and knobs will continue to affect the Maschine VST. Watch this video to learn how to enable host transport controls and set up your controller with your DAW.