Traktor Pro 2 has some amazing MIDI mapping capabilities. It might not be easy, but with the right controller you can create complex MIDI mappings to control almost every aspect of the software. Many advanced MIDI mapping functions rely on modifiers. Modifiers allow you to create mappings that react to various software parameters or button presses. You may already be using modifiers unknowingly if your MIDI controller with a shift button on it. Watch this video to learn how to create a shift button and map multiple MIDI commands to a single button in this introduction to MIDI modifiers.

Check out our overview of Xtreme Mapping if you plan on spending a lot MIDI mapping in Traktor Pro 2. The Xtreme Mapping 1.3 update includes support for the Kontrol F1 as well as compatibility with Traktor Pro 2.5 and remix decks.

Download this video: 720p HD MP4