A quick tip for Traktor users. Like Pioneer CDJs, if you press play while holding down the CUE button, the track will continue playing.

Download: Quick Tip 004




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  • Dwight

    I have a PC and I am try to Sync macshine & Traktor Pro 2 I can not get it can some one help me I do have a PC not a Mac. So I did get it at one time but on Maschine play buttons could not work but work through TRAKTOR THU THE ON MASTER sync & PLAY button BUT i DID NOT have controll on the maschine PLAY BUTTOMS So I am try get direction on THE WAY to syn Maschine & TRAKTOR PRO 2 ON A pc THANKS

    • http://thedjpodcast.com Peter

      When you sync Maschine to Traktor, the Maschine play button does not work. That is the way it is supposed to work. When you start the MIDI clock from Traktor, Maschine will start playing.