The DJ Podcast’s 2014 Predictions for DJing & Music Production

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2013 has come and gone. With some reflection on last year we look ahead to what may come this year. These are my predictions for what will come in 2014.

5 Tips For Buying Your First DJ Setup

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Buying your first DJ setup may seem daunting because of all the options available to you, but that doesn't mean that is has to be difficult. In this article we share 5 tips to make buying your first DJ setup a little bit easier.

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2 Adds iOS Support, New Colors, & Carrying Grip

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The new Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2 retains much of the the design of the original while adding native support for iOS devices, new color options, and a carrying grip. Watch the promotional video and read the official press release to learn more about the Pioneer's newest DJ controller.

What You Need To Start DJing

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Starting to learn any new skill can be difficult and DJing is no exception. To get started you really only need 4 things, some of which you probably already have.

Traktor Pro 2: How to Quickly Search Your Track Collection

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Traktor Pro 2 makes it easy to find tracks in your collection. Watch this video to learn how to search, refine, and sort your track collection.

Maschine Tip: Jump Between Scenes with Scene Sync

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When using Maschine in a live performance, you may want to change how Maschine jumps between scenes. In this video I'll show you how to use the Scene SYNC setting to adjust the amount of time Maschine waits before switching to a new scene.

Maschine Tip: How to Access 64 Patterns Using Pattern Banks

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Did you know that each group in Maschine can hold up to 64 patterns? In this video I'll show you how to use Maschine's patterns banks to access patterns 17-64.

Traktor Pro 2: Tips for Mapping Multiple MIDI Controllers

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In this video I’m going to share a few tips that might help you if you’re mapping multiple controllers in Traktor Pro 2.

How to Create & Promote a DJ Mix Podcast

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This is a recording of our Mixify live event from August 20th, 2013 on how to create and promote a DJ mix podcast. For a more information on how to promote your DJ mix podcast, sign up for our DJ Marketing 101 video course.

Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.5 Tutorial: Peak View Markers

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The peak view markers options were added in the 2.5 update to Mixvibes Cross DJ to give you a visual indicator of where you are in the track. In this video tutorial we'll be looking at the different settings that are now available.

How to Split Your DJ Mix into Tracks

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Even with the convenience of digital distribution, it is still sometimes necessary to burn your DJ mix to a CD. If you want to skip between tracks in your mix, you need to do a bit of preparation after you record your mix. In this video we'll be looking at how to split your DJ mix into tracks using Audacity.

Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.5 Tutorial: How to Create MIDI Macros

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MIDI macros allow you to perform multiple actions at once with your MIDI controller. In this video we look at the new MIDI macro feature in Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.5.

Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.5 Tutorial: Full Screen Collection View

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In this video tutorial we look at the new full screen collection view in Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.5.

Mixvibes Cross DJ 2.5 Tutorial: Key Detection, Matching, & Highlighting

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The latest update to Mixvibes Cross DJ 2 makes harmonic mixing easier than ever. In this video tutorial we'll be looking at the new key detection, matching, and highlighting features.