Instant Doubles in Traktor Pro 2

April 2, 2012

Instant doubles is a term that refers to copying a track from one virtual deck to another while maintaining its tempo and position. Traktor Pro 2 has this feature, but does not refer to it by that name. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to enable instant doubles and use them in your mix.

Kontrol X1 Sample Deck Mapping for Traktor Pro 2

March 19, 2012

MIDI mapping in Traktor Pro 2 is not the easiest thing to do. Programs like Xtreme Mapping make it easier and more convenient, but wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to map anything at all? Thankfully, you don’t have to do any mapping if you have a Kontrol X1 and want to use sample decks as Traktor Pro 2 has an included sample deck mapping for the Kontrol X1 MIDI controller. Watch this video to learn about how to set up your controller and what each controller function is mapped to!

Traktor Pro 2: How to Place Tracks in Sample Decks

March 5, 2012

With the addition of sample decks to Traktor Pro 2, you can grab elements of your tracks and place them into sample slots. This allows you to selectively play sections of your tracks in time with all the capabilities the sample decks have to offer.

How to DJ with Traktor Pro 2: Part 9 – Sample Decks

February 27, 2012

Sample decks were a big addition to Traktor when it made the leap to Pro 2. In this video we look at the basics of using sample decks inside Traktor Pro 2: how to change from a track deck to a sample deck, the difference between one-shots and loops, and the individual sample controls.

How to DJ with Traktor Pro 2: Part 8 – Recording Your Mix

February 13, 2012

You don’t need another application running on your computer to record your DJ mix. Did you know that Traktor Pro 2 has a built-in mix recorder? In this video we look at recording your mix inside Traktor Pro 2.

How to DJ with Traktor Pro 2: Part 7 – Get Loopy with Loops

January 7, 2012

This video tutorial is all about using loops in Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2. Learn how to loop sections of your tracks, edit a loop’s size and position, and save your loop as a hot cue.