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The SYNC function in Traktor Pro 2 makes it easy to automatically beatmatch multiple tracks together. By default, the track’s tempo and phase will align when you press the sync button. However, you can change how Traktor Pro 2 syncs tracks by switching the SYNC mode.

Start by opening the preferences and going to the Transport Tab. The SYNC Mode setting has 2 options: TempoSync and BeatSync. BeatSync is the mode that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve used Traktor Pro 2 before. In BeatSync mode, both the phase and tempo of your tracks are aligned when the sync button is pressed and you can only bend the pitch of the track that is set as the Master. This ensures that the tracks you have synced together never go out of phase.

With TempoSync mode enabled, pressing the sync button will also align both the phase and tempo of the tracks. Unlike BeatSync mode, TempoSync does not prevent you from pitch bending the track decks that are synced to the Master. When you bend the pitch of a synced track, the BPM will remain synced while you adjust the phase. If you want to bring the tracks back into phase, hit the sync button to disable sync and press it a second time to resync with the Master.

  • Dan

    I need to sync the tracks without changing the tempo… i tried everything and still cant get it to work. help!

  • ill bet ur trying to SYNC using the wrong track. Please reply again and tell us the steps you are trying

  • reggiejaxx

    how do i assign the original tempo of a track or remix deck ??

    • Can you elaborate on that?

      • reggiejaxx

        when i load a track or remix set how do i get back the original tempo of that particular set or track if i have already synced it to another master tempo.

        • I understand now. Thank you for providing more details. For a track, you can double click on the pitch slider and it will reset back to the track’s original BPM. You will want to make sure that it is set as the matser or not synced to another deck as it shouldn’t change it if it set to sync to another deck.

          • reggiejaxx

            Ahhhh Thank you very much that solves that headache Thanks for the promptness as well now just gonna figure out if I can do this from my f1 controller.

  • Alexandru Razvan Georgescu

    hello, i have a problem. Maybe u can help me. My setting is temposync and, for example, i am playing a track on deck 1, and have 4 cue points set on the track in deck 2, sync buton is on for both tracks, and while track from deck 1 is playing i push play buton on track from deck 2, everything is fine, perfectly on beat, but while playing, if i jump to some of cue points they are not perfectly matched anymore and i have to pitch bend till it s ok. And i know there is a setting problem because until now i could jump to any cue point and it stayed perfectly synced with the other track playing , but since i reinstaled my traktor i dont know what setting is. And is not about beat sync, it functioned exactly like beat sync but it was set on temposync, i know for sure. Maybe is about latency or how i push cue mode etc

  • Alexandru Razvan Georgescu

    problem solved, thx