• Can anyone help me connect twitterdj with traktor pro2 on windows/

    • thedjpodcast

      Twitter DJ is currently unavailable for Windows. They plan to release a windows version sometime in the future.

      • antifm

        they do have it available for windows but it doesnt work. It never sends the message out. The FOR WINDOWS version is available on the RADR website

        • thedjpodcast

          Interesting. I didn’t know that they changed the name.

          • Seems to have happened recently. But i do remember reading some time ago (after this video is dated) that TwitterDj does NOT work on Windows. Even though i do see a Windows version download, it still doesnt work right so im not sure whats happening. However it does explain why so few djs are using it according to the RADR site

          • thedjpodcast

            Hopefully they will release a proper Windows version soon.

          • Its been a long time this tool has been available. I dont see them making it windows usable