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In this video I’ll be showing you how to sync controls on your TouchOSC device to Traktor Pro 2.

When using a MIDI controller with Traktor Pro 2, it is always better to adjust controls on your controller as opposed to in the software. This is due to the fact that there is a disconnect between physical and virtual controls. For example, if I move the FX Unit 1 Dry/Wet knob in the software, the physical knob on my controller will not move when I make the change. Thankfully, TouchOSC controls are also virtual, so they can sync to the changes made in the software.

To achieve this effect we’re going to be using MIDI out commands. Start by opening the preferences and going to the controller manager tab. Next, select your TouchOSC device from the device list. Then, select TouchOSC Bridge from the out-port dropdown menu. This will tell Traktor Pro 2 to send MIDI data out to your TouchOSC device.

Before you can map a MIDI out command, you’re going to want to map a MIDI in command. In this video I’ll be mapping the FX Unit 1 Dry/Wet Knob. Go to Add In → FX Unit → Dry/Wet Adjust. Press learn and tap on the fader/knob on your Touchosc device. Leave the type of controller as fader/knob and the interaction mode as direct. Now we have to map a midi out command. Thankfully, Traktor Pro 2 makes it easy to map the MIDI out equivalent of midi in commands that have already been mapped. With the Dry/Wet command selected, press the add out button. You’ll notice that above the list of menus is the option for dry/wet adjust (fx unit). Select it to add the command. You’ll notice that you don’t have to press the learn button because it automatically selects the control that was mapped before. Now the dry/wet knob for fx unit 1 in the software will change the knob on your TouchOSC device. This applies not only to knobs, but to faders and buttons as well.