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In this video we go over the basics of harmonic mixing, also called mixing in key. Harmonic mixing may seem daunting at first, but can actually be very simple if you use the right tools and track categorization. To begin, grab yourself a copy of Mixed in Key or visit Mixshare and begin keying your tracks. You can also key your tracks if you are more musically inclined. Once you’ve keyed your tracks, you can begin mixing tracks with compatible keys together. If your playing a track that is 1A for example, you can mix it with 12A, 2A, or 1B. For some more basic information, visit

  • There is another option for finding out keys: Free access to our 60,000-record harmonic mixing database (, with filters designed to customize track selection. Please email for access.

    • Anonymous

      I did mention the Camelot database in the video as an option for finding keys.

  • Hey I think this here is wrong:
    “If your playing a track that is 1A for example, you can mix it with 12A, 2A, or 2B.”
    Shoudn’t it be “you can mix it with 12A, 2A, or 1B”? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Also, thanks for making this video and posts, I’ve been shocked recently how many DJs don’t even know how much mixing in key helps you and improves your mixes!

    • Anonymous

      What you wrote is correct. I may have said it wrong in the video. I guess I will have to fix that.

      • Ah no, the line that I quoted is in your blog text above.

        • Anonymous

          Oh. Okay. That makes things a lot easier to fix. Ill change it when I get back from work. Thanks for pointing out the error.

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