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One DJ features a completely customizable user interface. Unlike other DJ software applications, you can configure One DJ to look exactly the way that you like. The software comes with a few layouts that you choose from by clicking on the Layouts button in the top right.

To create a new layout, press the +New button at the bottom of the layouts menu. Next, click on the Gear menu and click Add Gear. This menu gives you a list of the different sections that you can add to your layout. In this video I’ll be creating a standard DJ mixer layout, so I’ll start by selecting Player. Next I’ll repeat the process and add a second player and a mixer.

All of the layout sections can be moved and resized to your liking. To move a layout section, click and drag on the section header. To resize a layout section, hover your mouse over the side or corner of a section and click and drag to increase or decrease the size of the section. You’ll notice that sections snap to each other when you’re moving and resizing them. When you’re happy with your layout, you’re going to want to lock it so that you won’t accidentally change it later on. To lock your layout, click on the layout menu and click on the Lock icon.

Before you can start mixing with your new layout, you need to configure One DJ’s audio output routing options. First, click on the Overview option in the top right. Next, drag the output from Player 1 and Play 2 to the input of the mixer.