Laptops these days have never been more powerful. With multicore processors, gigabytes of ram, and high resolution screens you can push your DJ software to its limits. With all that power you don’t want it to go to waste. This video covers 5 tips laptop optimization tips to make sure you get all of that power out of your laptop.

Our Tips

  1. Close background applications and services – You don’t need to have Dropbox or an IM client taking up processing power during your mix. Close any other applications that may be running in the background alongside your DJ software of choice.
  2. Update when necessary – Most software updates to DJ software fix small bugs and glitches. However, some update can also bring performance improvements. For example, the Traktor 2.1.1 update added support for multicore processors.
  3. Keep your screen on – Most of the information a digital DJ needs during the mix is displayed on screen. Change your operating system’s power settings to prevent the screen from turning off. If need be, use a third-party program like Caffiene for Mac OSX to ensure that your laptop’s screen stays on.
  4. Keep it cool – Prevent your laptop from overheating by ensuring that it has proper airflow. Place it on a laptop stand, like the Stanton Uberstand, if possible and remember to never place it on an insulating surface.
  5. Plug it in – You don’t want your set cut short because your laptop shuts down due to lack of power. You may want to plug in your all-in-one soundcard/midi controller if you have the option.

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