One of the great aspects of Native Instruments Maschine is that it is as much of a performance tool as it is a production tool. You can compose everything from the simplest 4/4 kick drum loop to entire tracks with the hand on controls at your fingertips. If you’re using Traktor as your primary DJ application it is incredibly easy to sync with Maschine. Syncing the two applications will ensure that all the elements of your mix will be in sync. You won’t have to worry about drifting beats and can spend more time in the mix. Before we begin to sync Traktor and Maschine make sure that you have your Maschine controller connected and have launched both applications.

NOTE: This tutorial is intended for Mac users who want to run both programs on the same computer only. If you are PC user you can either use a virtual midi cable program like MIDI-OX or Maple.

Start in Traktor

  1. Open Traktor’s preferences and go to the Controller Manager settings
  2. Add a Generic Media Device
  3. Set In-Port to None and set the Out-port to Traktor Virtual Output
  4. Go to the MIDI Clock settings
  5. Enable Send MIDI Clock and leave Sending Offset at 0 ms

Now Switch to Maschine

  1. Open Audio and Midi Settings
  2. Select the MIDI Tab
  3. Set Traktor Virtual Output to On and set all other options to off
  4. Close Audio MIDI Settings
  5. Under File, enable Sync to External Midi Clock

Back to Traktor

  1. Open Traktor’s Clock panel
  2. Set Clock to Internal
  3. Press the Play/Pause MIDI Clock button
  4. Press the Sync button
  5. Enable Traktor’s metronome by enabling Tick and previewing a deck
  6. Enable Maschine’s metronome by pressing Shift + Play on your controller
  7. Adjust the Sending Offset so that both metronomes are in time with each other

You should see that Maschine’s tempo is now synced to Traktor’s internal clock. The tempo in Maschine will change to match the BPM that you set in Traktor. Note that if you want to change the BPM that your tracks sync to in Traktor you must use the clock tempo controls to do so.

Download this video: 720p HD MP4

  • Chris

    Can someone tell me how I am suppose to connect bot maschine and traktor together? Do I have to run a midi from Maschine to Traktors Audio 10? Or do both Maschine and Traktor borh just run independently off of their own USB?

    • Anonymous

      You just need to plug both of them in via usb. Then follow the steps shown in the video. You don’t need any midi cables.

      • Chris

        Thanks, I was confused about that

  • Robert Erazo

    Great site bud.  Simple and concise instructions!!!!.  I have a Traktor S4 and just got a MASCHINE and want to use it for EDM production.  Is this a good tool first of all to do so, but I also would like to use the MASCHINE in conjuction with my S4 for performace as well if possible.  Having the hardest time trying to get this to work properly.  Need some serious help.  Any thoughts?

    • thedjpodcast

      Hi Robert. I would definitely say that Maschine is good for EDM production. I hope that you have found the videos we’ve done lately on Maschine to be helpful. You probably want to route the output Maschine through one of the S4 channels. I’m not exactly how the soundcard in the S4 works, but I’m sure someone out there has a tutorial on it. If you’re looking for videos on how to use Maschine in your mixes, I’ve been thinking about how to do them. No ETA on when you’ll see them though.


        Theres no tutorial, I’ve been searching like crazy for mc6000 and even for S4, nobody has a good answer to make this setup (maschine+mc6000 or s4+traktor pro 2)

        • thedjpodcast

          Well, to make a hardware-specific tutorial, you have to have that specific hardware. If you know of someone who has an MC6000 or S4 and Maschine, then ask them to make a tutorial. If they do, there will be a resource for others to look at in the future.