Beatgrids are a fundamental part of Native Instruments Traktor Pro. Without them you cannot sync tracks and audio samples automatically. This video tutorial shows you how to set beatgrids and the different buttons that are used in the process.

Have Traktor Pro 2?
There were a few changes to the way you create beatgrids in Taktor Pro 2. Watch our updated video to learn about creating beatgrids in Traktor Pro 2.

This post was updated on 1/29/2012.

  • n4Sphere


    I saw the video about beatgird and I have therefore a question about the 1st cue point or rather the first grid marker. When I grid, always the first cue point is used for it. Is there a quick possibility to change the first cue point to e.g. the 9th (max 20HC.), so I can use all 8 cue points for juggle and on the 9th I have the grid marker? When I grid tracks only in the auto grid modus the sync buttons will display the yellow color constant and when I do it manually there is only a little yellow flashing at pressing? As well in this video the little offbeat grids are changed manually. This handling only changes the offbeat grids in the window section of the track or also when I press further the full grids of the whole track?
    I hope someone will help me?

    greetz daniel

    • Great questions Daniel.
      1. Yes, you can re-assign the different cue points to other cue slots. Simply click on the cue point you want to re-assign, click the “map” button, and then click on the new cue point button you want to assign it to. I’m not sure how you would get it to a slot other that the 8 buttons, but that will at least them out of the number 1 position.
      2. It is my understanding that when you use the move grid backwards/forward it moves markers in the entire track, not just in the area you see on the screen when you press the button. I could be wrong though.

      • n4Sphere

        thanks for the quick answer 🙂

  • Peter,

    How have you been, bro? I just wanted to stay in touch. Please let me know when you add a new post.


    • Sure thing. If you want to get notified automatically your best bet is to subscribe via RSS/iTunes or follow @thedjpodcast on Twitter.

  • Alex

    why do you DJ with Traktor instead of Ableton?

    • I like the feel of immediate control that Traktor gives me. Ableton feels too constricted in a live setting. I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other. I think Traktor just suits my DJing style better.

  • Jade

    Hello Peter,

    first, I have to say THANK YOU for this wonderful website. You are so generous with a bundle of great details and it is certainly appreciated!

    I have a question (or some questions)

    I am just getting into DJ’ing and am gonna purchase the M-Audio X-Session. As a newby, would you suggest that the softwear that comes along with it is easiest or should I go for Traktor or Ableton Live intro? I’m looking to beat match and create DJ mix + talking podcast. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you for your time,


    • I’d go with either Traktor or Live. There is a new version of Traktor coming out in April. I don’t know when the next version of Live will be released. There are demo versions of both programs. I’d suggest that you try them both and see which one you prefer. People think do things differently and should choose the software that fits their style the best.

      I’m actually going to be releasing midi mappings for the X-Session for both Traktor and Ableton within the next couple of weeks. They may help you out if you do decide to get the controller.

  • Jade

    Very helpful. Thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    Man you guys are the best. This site has increased my knowledge tenfold easily…