This video is a short review of the M-Audio X-Session Pro. The M-Audio X-Session Pro is a great controller to start DJing with. Watch my video review for more information and feel free to share your own thoughts of the controller.

  • maninov

    Good review

    Thank you !


  • Zlaya

    is there any videos how to map x-session pro for traktor pro?
    there is video about maping fx to x-session b ut i need general mapping,any? :/

    • Check Episode 015 if you’re using Ableton Live. If you are using Traktor, the same method I showed in Episode 033 applies, you just have to pick different parameters.

      What software are you using? How do you want to use your X-Session Pro? Give me some more details and I will see if I can do a video on it.

  • Thomas

    How do you enable the preview buttons on each channel? Do you need an external soundcard to preview the tracks you are mixing?

    • You will need an external soundcard, yes. You would set up your midi mappings so that when you press the headhpones button, you cue the right channel in your software.