Welcome to this episode of the DJ Podcast. In previous episodes I demonstrated how to create enhanced podcasts, create a podcast feed, and submit your podcast to the iTunes music store. In this episode I’ll be showing you three websites that make managing your podcast easier, for free.

November 3rd, 2011 Update: Mypodcast.com will cease operations on December 31st 2011.
Podbean.com example podcast: Tranceitions
Podomatic.com example podcast: Victoria’s Weekly Essentials

  • Hey i’ve got a podcast on Podomatic – great host!

    I wish i saw this article last year when i started doing the Netradio shows though, i’ve gone through so many hosting options like Soundcloud, Mediafire, private FTP hosting, etc.

    In the end, going with one of these podcast hosts is the easiest and most effective way to get your mixes out there for easy distribution.

    I mean what would you rather do – manually pimp your mix links around to sites week after week, or update one place and have the RSS feed do the link pimping for you?

    Yeah i thought so 😀

    • Eddie K,

      A lot of people have told me of their good experiences with Podomatic. While I haven’t used it, it does seem to have a solid userbase.


  • Thanks for using my Podomatic page as an example. I love their site. Used to use the MyPodcast.com site originally but ditched it a year ago after having a few problems. Glad I moved, Podomatic is a fantastic site for beginners and pros alike.

    • Podomatic seems to be gaining in popularity. I’ve seen a lot of DJs who have podcasts set up there.

  • Eden Lynas

    Thanks for using my Podomatic web page as an example. I really like their website. Used to use the MyPodcast.com website initially but cast off it a season ago after having a few issues. Grateful I shifted, Podomatic is a amazing website for newbies and benefits as well.

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