Sample decks were a big addition to Traktor when it made the leap to Pro 2. In this video we look at the basics of using sample decks inside Traktor Pro 2: how to change from a track deck to a sample deck, the difference between one-shots and loops, and the individual sample controls.

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  • Djtavi77

    on mine the samples play when I push the button on my denon dn-mc6000 but then I have to push again to stop it… I don’t like this, how can i set it up so I can play the sample and when i push again it doesn’t stop, just starts over again???? so when I use the air horn… I have to push to start and instead of pushing and starting over it just stops and then I have to pusjh again… same way as it is on VDJ software… thx!

    • thedjpodcast

      It sounds like your samples are set to loop. Try changing the sample to a one shot. That will make it so that when you press the button to trigger the sample it will play only once.

  • how would i map a controller so that when hitting play on an already playing one-shot, it starts again from the beginning instead of stopping?

    • thedjpodcast

      I think you have to map a re-trigger button. I can’t remember exactly how it works. I’ve upgraded to 2.5, so I no longer have access to the sample decks.