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In this video we go over importing your tracks into Native Instruments’ Traktor Pro 2 and why you should analyze them after import. Check back soon for part 4 of of our How to DJ with Traktor Pro 2 series which will cover playlists inside of Traktor Pro 2.

  • Johnny

    I got a question… I simply dont like the Browser of Traktor, thats the only thing Virtual DJ as Best… Anyway, i Got a Lots Of Music and when i play them in Traktor and when after that, when i close the program, traktor makes an automatic chnage on my tags on Music… I mean, Name, Genre, Coments, Photo comments etc, traktor deletes me those info and i dont know what to do… Please a little help.
    Sorry by bad gramatic, im not very good in english

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why traktor would change the ID3 tags. I have never experienced that myself. Your best bet is to visit the Native Instruments forum or contact their tech support. They actually have really great tech support.

    • Anonymous

      There is a bug. If you add a comment to a track that is currently loaded it will erase all of the tracks data (hotcues, grid markers, everything.) I perfected, then wrecked, a lot of tracks before realizing this. Weak.

      Are you using the cracked or demo version? I think this bug was eventually resolved.

    • Timwrightmusic

      You’re not crazy. I experience the same, some people just don’t notice it but if you load your tracks into Mp3Tag, you’ll notice the change in format with some of the fields.

      I combat this by setting my files to read only before importing them.

  • antonio

    i imported my iTunes music onto traktor pro 2 but when i click on the playlist nothing happens, literally. as if I’m clicking on nothing.