Remix decks are the biggest new feature in Traktor Pro 2.5. Remix decks are like the sample decks they replaced with added functionality from track decks. Watch this video to learn how to enable remix decks, load samples and sounds, and use the new deck controls.

Download this video: 720p HD MP4

  • Jahjoss

    How do I trigger a sample with the keyboard???

    • thedjpodcast

      The bottom row of your keyboard is mapped to play samples in deck 3 and deck 4. ZXCV play samples in deck 3 and BNM, play samples in deck 4.

      • and1234567890

        but how do u trigger the ones under these is it possible to map that?

        • thedjpodcast

          I’m not sure, but considering how locked down the remix decks are right now, I would guess not.

        • The remix “Slot” layers under slot number 1 of the sample deck can only be mapped using HID. Not MIDI. The F-1 controller or the Midi fighter 3D are the only two that I know of that can access these layers. With a general MIDI controller you will only have the ability to map 4 samples to your keyboard.

  • Thanks for the tutorial! 
    I’d like to map some midi buttons to trigger the samples. Which of the controller manager commands would I map to do this?

  • Paul6931

    Can you save the remix deck configuration to go back to at a later date? and is there any way of having the sample automatically go into loop mode when you load them in?

    • thedjpodcast

      Yes, you can save remix sets for later use. I don’t know the answer to your question about sample loop mode. Sorry.