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Before you can begin mixing with Traktor Pro 2 you need to make sure your soundcard and midi controllers are set up properly. We’ll start in the Audio setup tab of the preferences. Set your audio device to the soundcard you have connected. This could be your onboard internal soundcard, an external usb/firewire soundcard, or the soundcard in your mixer. Once you have selected the correct audio device go to the Output Routing tab.

Now that you have your soundcard selected it is time to tell Traktor where you want the audio from each deck to go. The first choice you have in this tab is the Mixing Mode. If you’re using a midi controller with your computer’s built in soundcard, you probably want to choose this option. Internal mixing takes advantage of Traktor’s built in mixer functions. If you’re going to use Traktor with a multi-channel soundcard and an external mixer, choose External. Traktor will automatically change these settings to what it considers optimal. Double check to make sure that all of the settings are correct before moving on to the Input Routing tab

If you are using the DVS functions of Traktor Scratch Pro or using Traktor’s Send FX, you want to make sure that all of your input settings are correct. It is easy to assign an audio source to an input by selecting the input from the dropdown menu. You should now have your audio set up correctly. Let’s move on to the Controller Manager tab and begin configuring your midi controller.

The controller manager tab is where you can map commands to your keyboard and midi controller. If you have a supported controller like the Pioneer CDJ-2000 or Native Instrument’s Kontrol X1, you can click the Add button and select it from the dropdown menu. This will load Traktor’s default settings for that controller. If your controller is not on the list, you have two options. The first is to add a generic midi device and map the controls yourself. The second is to use a TSI file that the controller manufacturer or another Traktor user has configured. To load a TSI file, click the import button and load the TSI from your hard drive.

After configuring your soundcard and controller you can test to make sure everything works by looking at Traktor’s top menu bar. Try turning a knob, pushing a button, or adjusting a fader on your midi controller. The circle next to CTRL should light up as well as the controller looking icon next to it. To test your audio configuration, check to see if the speaker icon is blue and that the volume meters to the right are displayed when you are playing a track. If for some reason your controller or soundcard are not working properly check to make sure they have enough power and are connected correctly.

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The concepts and techniques demonstrated in this series can also be applied to Traktor Pro even if some options and features found in Traktor Pro 2 may be different from Traktor Pro.

  • Reliconer

    i wanna use a usb soundcard as my second soundcard for cue-ing up. How can i do that with traktor?

    • thedjpodcast

      Do you want to use 2 soundcards in Traktor? If so, you have to set it up beforehand as Traktor does not natively support it. You could use an aggregate audio device or soundflower on Mac OSX or Virtual Audio Cable on Windows.

  • which is the most suitable and cheapest external mixer which i can use with traktor pro 2?? basically with an external mixer i will only b able to control eqs gain nd filter right? im cool with that im plannin to use loops and fx with the keyboard and mixer with this external mixer..can i do that?

    • thedjpodcast

      There are a ton of different mixers that you can use. When you use an external mixer, you send the audio out to the mixer and bypass the internal mixer in Traktor. That means that you control the Gain, EQ, and Volume from your external mixer. If your mixer has filters, FX, etc, you can use those as well. You can still use the FX, loops, and cues in Traktor.

      It really depends on what your budget is and how many decks you want to use. Check out the mixers that Behringer offers with the number of channels that you want to use.

  • pls help 🙁

  • great thanx for replying!! 🙂

  • Hi again, ok i have a non branded regular 3 channel mixer without a usb port. I have 1 earphone & mic output and 3 usb ports on my laptop & Im using traktor pro 2. How exactly can i connect this mixer to my laptop so i can mix songs as well as cue songs in advance. Will this mixer work as an audio interface? Thanx in advance!! :*

    • thedjpodcast

      No, it won’t work as an audio interface. You’ll need to buy one. Traktor works with most external audio interfaces, also referred to as soundcards. Native Instruments makes their own, but you can also find soundcards from other audio hardware companies. You’ll want to make sure that there are at least 2 stereo pairs of RCA outputs on the soundcard. That will allow you to cue and mix 2 decks from Traktor externally.

  • can i do without an audio interface? Just hook my laptop and the mixer and cue and mix songs?

    • thedjpodcast

      Without a multichannel interface you cannot mix externally. Your laptop only has 1 output.

  • Prashant

    can i use gemini ps 646 mixer with traktor scratch pro 2 and cdj800 

    • thedjpodcast

      You should be able to use any mixer with stereo line/phono RCA inputs with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 as long as you have the right soundcard from Native Instruments.

  • can you suggest me any suitable audio interface except for the normal traktor interfaces since they are dam expensive. Like which are ones suitable for traktor 2.

    • thedjpodcast

      Most soundcards should work with Traktor. The least expensive NI card is the Audio 2 and is priced at $99. I’m not sure what other soundcards are out there that are cheaper.

    • Richie

      I use a Hercules 4MX, has a built in sound card and I highly recomend it, u can pick up an ex display model for half the price of a new one and they are in mint condition with guarantee. google whybuynew and there is loads of gear on there at stupidly low prices!

  • Irini79

     hello there
    I use an mbox2 with traktor pro 2 via USB connection. Now, that soundcard has 1 stereo output, therefore I use 2 mono channels (2 cables 1/4 jack to 2 rca) for 2 different channels on the mixing console so I can pre-cue.
    I dj at a bar where they have 5 speakers and what happens is that when I
    play with the aforementioned set-up I can only hear sound from 2
    speakers…Do you have any idea how to transform the mono outputs coming out from the mbox into stereo outputs, or how I should route traktor to achieve a stero result?
    Any suggestion would be more than appreciated!

    • thedjpodcast

      I don’t think the issue is with Traktor. It sounds like it may be a cabling issue. The obvious, and more expensive, solution would be to get a soundcard with more outputs. The less expensive option would be to look into your cabling setup. What you need to find is a cable that takes the mono output and send it out of both left and right on the other end. I’m not sure if one of those exists or has the right connections that you need, but that makes logical sense to me.

      • Irini79

         well, obviously we cannot make a mono signal stereo but yes I was trying to “feed” the stereo channel with 2 mono…Thanks for the reply

  • Djbryan-b

    i have a 2 x cdj 850 and a djm600, i just bought a numark soundcar io , but cant seem to get sound can you help me out , i have pluged in the 2 x phono cables to the soundcard and the master out phono to the out put on the soundcard but still no sound , any help would be great 

    • thedjpodcast

      Sorry, but I can’t provide tech support. Check to see if there are any help docs online or if all else fails, contact Numark or NI Support.

  • Randy

    I need help. I am trying to record a mix within tractor pro 2 using an external mixer. I have an audio 2 soundcard. The software recognizes the audio 2. Output routing says channel a and b. Input routing says not connected. What should I do?

    • thedjpodcast

      The easiest thing to do is get an rca to 1/8 inch cable. Connect the mixer yo your computer and run a separate program to record the mix. If you want to use the Audio2 to record, you may have to change some settings. I dont have an Audio2 myself, so I don’t know if there is anything special one has to do to configure it.

  • Laura Alexander

    This may seem like a stupid question, but am I able to mix with traktor pro 2 without any external devices? I’d like to begin mixing through software only first before I make a commitment to purchasing expensive equipment. Basically, can I buy the software and make any necessary changes to make my computer compatable, and thats it? If so, how limited or are there any severe disadvantages to just using software?

    • thedjpodcast

      You can start out with just software. It is definitely a good way to see if you want to invest in additional hardware. Without a multichannel soundcard and a MIDI controller you wont be able to take full advantage of whatever software you choose. I would suggest that you start by trying out a free version of whatever software you are interested in. We did a video that goes over some of the free software options like Cross DJ Free and Virtual DJ Home.

  • I’m new to Traktor, how do I get the software to automatically default to my external sound card and mixer each time I boot up, its pretty annoying have to set all my sound and midi settings each time. Have I missed something in the intitial setup?

    • thedjpodcast


      You should only need up set it once. I have heard of this happening before, but have not heard what the solution is.

  • can you tell me how to hook up an external mixer to my pc to do manuel mixing ? do i use a 35mm jack to phono or upgrade my souncard. which is gunna cost me more to do, thanks

    • thedjpodcast

      You’re going to want to get an external soundcard that has enough stereo outputs for the number of inputs on your external mixer.

  • stevie pearson

    Hi i have been using tracktor s2 but when im putting my phono cables into the back of my tracktor to a mixer it doesent sound loud

  • Dylan.H

    Hi How are u going.
    Im using traktor pro 2 and a Behringer vmx 100usb external mixer, i can assign deck A to channel 1 on my mixer but im getting input from deck B to channel 1 aswell.
    How can i assign Deck A – Channel 1 on my mixer &
    Deck B – Channel 2 on my mixer.
    Cant mix with both decks playing through one channel..
    Please help!

    • thedjpodcast

      In the Audio Routing tab select “External”. Then setup stereo outputs for both deck A and B.

      • Dylan Hunter

        Thank you!!.
        Will be in touch to notify you if i was succesfull.

  • alewho

    Hi, i have a question.

    I recently bought an Audio 2 and I’m using a Xone:23 mixer for external mixing, it’s possible to record my sets in Traktor somehow? I have searched and haven’t found anything.