May 2012 was The Month of Maschine 2012 on The DJ Podcast. Throughout the month we posted 14 videos dedicated to Native Instruments Maschine. That’s over 52 minutes of video tutorials. We started with an introduction to the hardware and software and then covered topics like quantizing beats, adding effects, and routing groups to individual soundcard outputs. Now that we have covered the basics we can focus on more advanced techniques in future videos.

I hope that you enjoyed The Month of Maschine 2012 as much as I did. If you are interested in purchasing Maschine, Maschine Mikro, or iMaschine and want to support The DJ Podcast please consider purchasing from the product links on our site as this will help us continue to produce video tutorials. You can find the complete list of videos from The Month of Maschine 2012 below.

Day 01 – Introduction
Day 02 – How to Set Up Your Soundcard
Day 03 – How to Create Custom Drum Kits
Day 04 – How to Save Projects
Day 05 – Navigate Mode
Day 06 – Control Mode
Day 07 – Step Sequencer Mode
Day 08 – Step Mode vs Control Mode
Day 09 – Pad Mode and Synthesizers
Day 10 – How to Quantize Beats
Day 11 – How to Add Effects
Day 12 – Introduction to Groups
Day 13 – How to use Scenes
Day 14 – Advanced Audio Routing
Extra 1 – Hardware Controller Overview