Buying used DJ gear is a great way to save money. DJ gear can work for many years, even decades, if it is taken care of properly. Many people who are looking to buy used DJ gear will immediately go to eBay. eBay is a great source of used gear with new auctions popping. However, with the large number of users visiting everyday, buyers should take some caution before bidding. Here are 5 aspects of an eBay auction to look at before bidding.

  • The photo of the item is not just to show off the product. Make sure that the picture is not some stock picture of the item and that the owner took the picture. Sometimes the picture will include a piece of paper with the seller’s username written on it. Look at the picture and see if there are any cosmetic damages, missing knobs or pieces, and the overall condition of the item. You may notice something that is not mentioned in the item description.
  • Any functionality or cosmetic issues should be explained in the item description. The item description should provide a brief history of the item, including how and where the item was used, and why the owner wants to sell the item.
  • Check the shipping rate before you bid. Does the rate seem reasonable considering the weight and distance that it is being shipped? Will the seller ship internationally? Is insurance included or available for an additional fee? The answers to these three questions could determine whether or not you place a bid on the item.
  • User feedback is an easy way to check the seller’s reputation. If the seller received negative feedback, look at what the issue was and if it was ever resolved. A “Power seller” icon and highly rated remarks are usually signs of a good seller.
  • Look for duplicate postings of the same item with the exact same picture, a generic description, and title – these are often fake listings. If you suspect that they are in fact real listings see if the seller mentions why there are multiple listings. The seller may sell a pair of items individually.

Remember, if it looks “too good to be true”, it probably is.