How to Sync Native Instruments Traktor & Maschine

February 4, 2011

Learn how to sync Native Instrument’s Traktor and Maschine in this video tutorial.

Native Instruments Traktor Pro: Introduction to Effects

January 21, 2011

This video goes over the very basics of FX in Native Instrument’s Traktor Pro including the difference between chained and advanced effects.

Quick Tip 004 – CUE + Play in Traktor

November 11, 2010

A quick tip for Traktor users.

MIDI Map Traktor FX to Your MIDI Controller

November 6, 2010

Ryan asked about mapping Traktor’s FXs to the M-Audio X-Session Pro on our Facebook page. This tutorial goes over how to use Traktor’s Controller Manager to map functions to a midi controller.

How To Create Beatgrids in Traktor Pro

September 17, 2010

Beatgrids are a fundamental part of Traktor. Without them you cannot sync tracks and audio samples automatically. This video tutorial shows you how to set beatgrids and the different buttons that are used in the process.

My Favorite Digital Download Stores and Identify Traktor Pro Controls

August 7, 2010

This episode features a look at a few digital download stores and a quick tip for native Instrument’s Traktor.