Serato Scratch Live: How to Use Hot Cues

October 26, 2009

Hot Cues allow the DJ to instantly create cue points while a track is playing and jump back to it immediately. Watch this video to learn how to enable and use Hot Cues in Serato Scratch Live.

Serato Scratch Live: Playback Modes

October 20, 2009

Serato Scratch Live has three playback modes: Absolute, Relative, and Internal. Each mode serves a different function and allows the user to perform different functions. Watch this episode to learn more about the three playback modes.

Serato Scratch Live: Volume Control

October 20, 2009

Watch this video to find out more about volume control and how to effectively set your track levels.

Serato Scratch Live: Library Management

October 20, 2009

Organization is key when dealing with a hard drive full of music files. A DJ should be able to quickly find any song with ease. This video covers two ways to import files, column selection and sorting, searching for tracks, making a crate, and how to import your iTunes library into Scratch Live.

Scratch Live 1.9 Released

April 23, 2009

The newest version of Serato’s Scratch Live software was released a few days ago. As always, it is a free download for all Scratch Live users. Some of the most prominent feature of the update are the new SP-6 Sample Player, support for the new SL3 interface and the Pioneer MEP-7000, loop roll and much […]