Maschine: How to Prehear and Replace Samples

May 15, 2013

This video is all about finding the right sample for your kits. One of Maschine’s best features is the library browser. It’s so easy to hone in on the the perfect sample. Watch this video to learn how to audition samples using Maschine’s prehear function and replace samples without losing your patterns.

Maschine: How to Share Projects & Kits

May 13, 2013

Work collaborating on a project with others, it is important that every sound in a project is shared . Maschine makes this process really simple. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to save your projects and kits with the samples that you’re using.

The DJ Podcast LIVE 001 – May 7th, 2013 – Beats in Maschine

May 10, 2013

Watch the inaugural session of The DJ Podcast LIVE as DJ Peter Morgan starts a brand new track in Native Instruments Maschine. Follow along with the track’s process of each week by downloading the linked project file. This particular session contains tips and tricks that are further explained in next week’s video tutorials.

Maschine: Recording Count In

May 10, 2013

Recording count in, an option found in more traditional audio editing applications, gives you a countdown before recording starts. Hold Shift and then press Rec on the Maschine hardware controller to use the recording count in function. The countdown will last for 1 bar and will turn on the metronome. Watch this video tutorial to learn more about Maschine’s recording count in function.

Maschine: Sample Editing

May 8, 2013

Maschine’s wide array of sample editing features allows you to spend more time creating and less time staring at render bars. Press the Sampling button in the top left corner of the controller to enter sample editing mode. Alternatively, you can press the sample waveform icon underneath the piano roll icon next to the arranger. Once in sample editing mode, you can make changes to the sample in the selected sound slot. Watch this video video tutorial to learn how to use Maschine basic sample editing and more advanced audio editing features.

Maschine: Classic Drum Machine Emulation

May 6, 2013

Want to create old school hip hop beats with the feel of an Akai MPC60 or E-mu SP1200? With Maschine’s vintage sampler engine settings, you can. Watch this video to learn how to change Maschine’s sampler engine and hear how the different mode change the sound of your samples.