This week’s video covers the basics of how to create your own website. There is a lot that can be discussed when covering this topic, but I tried to focus on what is most important. Because of the amount of information that I covered in the video, I decided to upload a PDF with links to the different services that I mention. You can download it at You can use it to follow along with the video, or go back and click on the links afterwards.

One of the reasons why I suggest using WordPress for your website is that there are a ton of great resources with tips, tutorials, plugins, and themes. One of the best resources is the WordPress Codex. It has articles for each feature and one the best is titled The First Steps with WordPress. It serves as an introduction to the software and walks you though the site creation process.

I use Dreamhost for hosting multiple website including The DJ Podcast. Use the promo code “dj101” at checkout to save 25% off your first year of hosting and get an included domain for the lifetime of your hosting.

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