Welcome week 2 of our DJ Marketing 101 course. The focus of this week is on Twitter and Facebook, the biggest social networks today. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and should be approached differently. Twitter is great because you have the ability to connect with everyone, but isn’t very good at communicating complex information due to its 140 character limit on tweets. Facebook is great because it is a place where people naturally share what they like online. However, not all of your posts will be seen by all of your fans. This week’s video covers the reasons why you need to create a Twitter profile and Facebook fan page.

We’ll be looking at Twitter and Facebook throughout this course. To get a better understanding of how a Facebook fan page works, I’d suggest reading Kissmetrics’ Guide to Facebook Fan Pages. The guide breaks down all of the different features that are unique to fan pages and not available to profiles. It also gives you tips on how to highlight content on your page and analyze the content that you post with Page Insights.

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