The newest version of Serato’s Scratch Live software was released a few days ago. As always, it is a free download for all Scratch Live users. Some of the most prominent feature of the update are the new SP-6 Sample Player, support for the new SL3 interface and the Pioneer MEP-7000, loop roll and much more.

I am most looking forward to the SP-6 Sample Player and History function. A lot of DJs will probably use the SP-6 with their drops or to overlay an accapella on top of the track they are playing while still having control over both decks. The History function is great because it will finally allow DJs to export the set tracklists. This will save a lot of time when uploading mixes or creating .cues for burning CDs.
Some of the other new features include:

  • LiveFeed
  • Album art on each deck
  • Key Tag support
  • A Custom Crate Column
  • TTM 57SL firmware update
  • A long list of bug fixes
  • Some minor user interface/graphical changes

Visit Serato’s website to read the complete release notes and download Scratch Live 1.9.