Pioneer, the maker of industry standard CD players and mixers, recently announced their latest creation, the RMX-1000. You could be think of the RMX-1000 as the successor to EFX-1000, but that really doesn’t do it justice. The RMX-1000 is not simply a flashy piece of hardware with blinking lights – though it sure is shiny. The new remix station is really a hardware and software package designed with today’s DJs in mind.


From a hardware standpoint the RMX-1000 is similar to Pioneer’s EFX series of effects units. It features a set of RCA and 1/8th inch connections on the back that enable you to insert effects into your mix with a unique array of controls on the front. The effects on the unit itself are separated into 4 distinct categories: Release, X-Pad, Isolator, and Scene. Each of the four categories has a set of controls tailored specifically for it. Whether you want to add samples into your mix, emphasis parts of a build up, or create killer breakdowns, there is an array of effects for you.

One of the cool things about the unit is that it features an SD card slot. This allows you to not only load your own samples into the unit, you can also save your custom settings. That means you can configure the unit to your liking at home, bring an SD card with you to your gig halfway across the globe, and have access to all your settings at your finger tips. Pioneer plans to release custom settings from DJs like Laidback Luke and James Zabiela, so you can mix and mash your tracks like the pros.

RMX-100 angle view


As I mentioned before, the RMX-1000 isn’t just a new piece of hardware. With the hardware you have access to Pioneer’s new Remixbox software and a VST/AU plugin version of the hardware. Want to create your own custom settings for the various effects inside the unit? Then load up Remixbox and start creating your own presets. If you’re a DJ that uses a program like Ableton Live, or a producer using a DAW with VST/AU plugin support, you can use the RMX-1000 as a dedicated controller for the software version of the unit.

I want it! Tell me more.

The RMX-1000 is set to go on sale in May 2012 with a suggested price of $1000/£599/€699. For more info you can download the press release and watch Pioneer’s product intro video featuring Kutski, James Zabiela, and many more.