Twitter DJ: How to Customize Your Tweets

June 25, 2012

In our previous Twitter DJ video we showed you how to tweet the tracks you play in Traktor Pro 2. In this video we will be going one step further and customizing those tweets. Watch this video to learn how to change your location and “is now playing” text in Twitter DJ

Traktor Pro 2: Tweet Your Tracklist with Twitter DJ

June 18, 2012

Twitter DJ from Richie Hawtin and Minus tweets the tracklist of your mix in realtime. This allows you, the DJ, to inform the crowd of what you’re playing as you’re mixing. Watch this video to learn how to set up Twitter DJ with Traktor Pro 2 and start tweeting your tracklist today.

Create Serato Scratch Live Playlists on

May 14, 2010

Serato recently added a playlists feature that allows you to share your playlists with the world on your profile. In this video I demonstrate how to use the live playlist feature in Scratch Live 2.0 to share your tracklist in realtime.