How to Use Filters in Your DJ Mixes

July 10, 2012

Learn how to take your DJ mixes to the next level with filters. This video starts with an explanation of the controls that you would find on a typical audio filter. Afterwords, I introduce the Filter effect in Traktor Pro 2 and demonstrate how you can use filters to create more interesting transitions in your DJ mixes.

How to Use Cruise Mode in Traktor Pro 2

May 1, 2011

One lesser-known feature in Traktor Pro 2 is Cruise Mode, a way for you to automatically mixes tracks grouped together in a playlist. This tutorial shows you how to use cruise mode and the software settings associated with it.

Ableton Live: How to Adjust the BPM During Your DJ Mix

July 16, 2010

I showed you how to automate BPM changes in Ableton Live in a previous video tutorial. Youtube user Birdhouse19 left a comment asking how to do this on the fly instead of automating it. In this video I will go over 3 ways to change the BPM in the mix.

Episode 022 – Set Your Mixer Levels

July 2, 2010

In this video I show you how to correctly set the levels on your mixer to ensure that you are not sending a distorted signal out of your mixer.

Ableton Live: How to Create DJ Mixes

April 2, 2010

Many DJs use Ableton Live to mix when away from the decks. In this video I’ll show you how to complete a DJ mix in Ableton Live’s arrangement view using automation.

5 Ways to Start and End a DJ Mix

September 10, 2009

New DJs often ask how to start and end a mix. There is no right or wrong way. Here are 5 ways to start and end a DJ mix: If you are playing after another DJ, mix out of the previous DJs last track. Likewise, if another DJ is playing after you, let them mix […]