5 Tips For Buying Your First DJ Setup

August 29, 2013

Buying your first DJ setup may seem daunting because of all the options available to you, but that doesn’t mean that is has to be difficult. In this article we share 5 tips to make buying your first DJ setup a little bit easier.

What You Need To Start DJing

August 22, 2013

Starting to learn any new skill can be difficult and DJing is no exception. To get started you really only need 4 things, some of which you probably already have.

How to DJ: Headphone Cueing & Split Cue Tutorial

June 20, 2013

Download this video: 720p HD MP4 In today’s video we’ll be looking at the cue function of a DJ mixer. If you’re not familiar with how a DJ mixer works, watch our video on the basics of using a DJ mixer. Each channel on your mixer has a Cue button. By pressing the cue button, […]

How to Use a DJ Mixer

June 13, 2013

In today’s video I’ll be showing you the basics of how to use a DJ mixer. The mixer is the tool in a DJs arsenal that lets you control what the audience hears by taking in multiple sources of audio and outputting a combination of those audio signals.