Traktor Pro 2.6: Macro FX

November 27, 2012

Watch this video to learn how to enable the new Macro FX in Traktor Pro 2.6 and listen to what they sound like so that you can use them in your DJ mixes.

Traktor Pro 2: Scratching with the Gater

July 17, 2012

Traktor Pro 2’s gater effect mutes the audio at adjustable rates. Watch this video to learn how you can create a pseudo-scratching sound when you substitute the audio with noise and adjust the rate of the gate.

How to Use Filters in Your DJ Mixes

July 10, 2012

Learn how to take your DJ mixes to the next level with filters. This video starts with an explanation of the controls that you would find on a typical audio filter. Afterwords, I introduce the Filter effect in Traktor Pro 2 and demonstrate how you can use filters to create more interesting transitions in your DJ mixes.

Native Instruments Maschine: How to Add Effects

May 25, 2012

Watch this video to learn how to add effects and save presets in your Maschine projects.

Ableton Live: How to Automate Effects

April 20, 2012

Effects automation is a great way to create unique sounds when you produce an original track, create DJ edits of your favorite tracks, or mix your latest podcast episode. Watch this video to learn how to automate effects in Ableton Live by drawing parameter changes and recording automation in real-time.

Native Instruments Traktor Pro: Introduction to Effects

January 21, 2011

This video goes over the very basics of FX in Native Instrument’s Traktor Pro including the difference between chained and advanced effects.