The Traktor Pro 2 Filter:92 effect

The Filter:92 effect in Traktor Pro 2 eliminates bands of frequencies from the track that is playing and is similar to the “standard” Filter effect. The difference between the two is that the Filter:92 effect is modeled after the filters on the Allen & Heath Xone:92 DJ mixer.

Traktor Pro 2 Filter:92 Effect Tutorial - Effect Controls

The Filter:92 effect controls in Traktor Pro 2

Using the Filter:92 effect in your DJ mixes

The best way to use the Filter:92 effect is with multiple effect units at once. For example, you can use effect unit 1 to filter out the high frequencies of the track in Deck A while you use effect unit 2 to filter out the low frequencies of the track in Deck B. This will give you a different sounding transition than your traditional mix using the equalizers. You may want to use the Filter:92 effect in DJ Mode when you first start using it in your mixes. Once you have an understanding the effect you can switch it out off DJ Mode for more control.

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