Welcome to the first video tutorial for The Month on Maschine 2013. This video will show you how Maschine’s effects can be applied to an external audio source. This is particularly useful for live performance environments where you have additional audio sources connected to your computer’s soundcard. The example shown in this video is applying effects to the incoming audio from a microphone. You can use more complicated input routing and effect chains to twist and sculpt the audio coming into Maschine.

Step 1: Check your soundcard settings
1. Check your audio input routing settings by going to File → Audio and MIDI Settings
2. On the Audio tab select your soundcard using the menu next to Device
3. Switch to the Routing tab and select Inputs. Make sure that the inputs are set correctly. Maschine may have automatically assigned them for you.
4. Press OK at the bottom to save your settings.

Step 2: Assign a sound to Input
1. Select an empty sound slot
2. Press Shift + Browse to open the module selection
3. With type set to Internal, and Subtype set to Instrument, scroll down to Input using knob 5
4. Press Button 8 (the right most button above the right LCD screen) labeled Load
5. Press Shift + Browse to close the module selection
6. Rotate Knob 2 to change the source to EXT In #. The input number will vary based on your soundcard configuration.
7. Adjust the input gain using Knob 1 if needed.

Step 3: Add an effect
1. Select Module 2
2. Press the arrow button to reveal the dropdown menu with the built in Maschine effects
3. Select an effect
4. Repeat for Module 3 and 4 to create more complex effect chains

Download this video: 720p HD MP4

Maschine comes in three flavors – Maschine MK2, Maschine Mikro MK2, and iMaschine – and is a combination of hardware and software. When used together, the hardware gives you unparallelled control over the software. You can use Maschine whether you’re a DJ or producer, in the studio or the club, with the software or as a MIDI controller.

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