The cost of equipment and music used to be a barrier of entry to start DJing. Oh how times have changed. Today it’s possible to mix using free software and music that is given away by big-name producers. In this video we go over our favorite free DJ mixing software. The music in this video was produced by Kevin MacLeod.

Our Favorites

  • Cross DJ FreeCross DJ Free is a simplified version of Cross DJ from Mixvibes. It keeps many of the same features as the commercial version of Cross DJ with a few limitations. If you want to get more control over the software check out CrossDJ Remote for iPhone/iPod Touch or U-MIX Remote for the iPad.
  • Virtual DJ HomeVirtual DJ Home is Atomix Productions Inc’s venture into the free DJ software space. Like Cross DJ Free, it is a version of their commercially sold software with limited features. They too have an iOs app called VirtualDJ Remote that gives you more control over the software.
  • MixxxMixxx has come a long way in the past couple of years. Now on version 1.10.0, it has some of the same features you’d expect to find in many of the commercially sold DJ software: beatgrids, timnecode cd/vinyl support, sample decks, and more. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you can use it with whatever platform you’re running.
  • Until AM – Launched in early 2012, Until AM is one of the newest entries into the free Dj software space. Until AM is unlike the other software we’ve mentioned. You don’t have to download and install anything on your computer as it runs inside of your web browser. This web app includes the whole mixing experience and allows you to mix songs from your computer hard drive with tracks found on Soundcloud. The team behind it seems to be adding in new features fairly regularly even though it is limited by the capabilities of a web browser. Expect more content on Until AM from us in the future.

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