Gian0pa on Youtube asks: On the S4 can use one channel for send effects? Do I need some? kind of re-routing to do this?
I’ve never use an S4 before. As long as you can route the controller’s soundcard, you should be able to use the send effects in Traktor.

Gerardo on Youtube asks: Is the audio? american vms 4 compatible with traktor?
Any controller that can send MIDI should work with a program that accepts a MIDI signal. From what I can tell, the American Audio VMs4 is compatible with Traktor. American Audio also announced a Traktor-branded VMS4 at NAMM this year. The only difference being that the Traktor edition will come pre-mapped to Traktor.

Sam on Facebook writes: One thing I’ve been thinking would be really useful is to be able to have an effect turn on when you move a slider up, and as you move it up the value of the effect increasing (or changes), then as soon as you move the slider down the effect cuts out (beat repeat is the effect I’m thinking of). This seems quite complex, but is it possible in Ableton Live?
This is made possible by mapping two controls to one MIDI knob. I demonstrate how to do that in this episode.