How to Create DJ Edits in Ableton Live

Focus: Music Production

Software: Ableton Live

Tags: production tutorial

A viewer who goes by “S” asked about editing a track in Ableton Live. In this video I’ll go over my edit of Jupiter by Tasadi.

There are a few reasons to edit a track:

  1. Make a track shorter
  2. Make a track longer
  3. Modify the arrangement of the track

Often times a DJ will edit a track to make it shorter so that they can fit more tracks into a set. This is especially common at festivals where DJs have shorter set lengths. In some cases you may want to extend a track, like I did with Jupiter. Another possibility is that the arrangement doesn’t have the right “feel”. With software like Ableton Live it’s incredibly easy to change the track to your liking. Remember that all the concepts covered in this video can be applied to other audio production applications.