Laptops are great! They allow digital DJs laptops to find new music, power MIDI controllers, and run DJ software. But what about when something goes wrong? This video provides 5 tips to help you prepare for unseen computer disasters.

Our Tips

  1. Backup your data – You have to back up your data to get it back in the event of computer failure. If you send in your computer for repairs, don’t expect to get it back with your data intact. You won’t be scrambling to back everything up when something goes wrong if you regularly back up your data. I like bus-powered drives because they’re small and don’t require an extra power chord that I need to carry with me. I recommend the Lacie Rugged external hard drive. It’s lightweight and can be powered via USB or firewire. Backup your data, throw it in your bag, and forget it’s even there.
  2. Keep a set’s worth of tracks in the cloud – Cloud storage services are great for keeping a copy of your tracks accessible wherever you go. This will insure that you can access enough tracks to complete a mix if you can connect to the internet. My favorite service is Dropbox. Not only is it easy to use, but you can access your files from a computer, phone or tablet.
  3. Have a backup mixing solution – Ever notice how even the world’s best DJs who use laptops keep a few CDs or a USB key in their bag? You need to have a solution for the possibility that something goes wrong. This is one instance where knowing how to mix on CDJs is important even if you primarily mix using software and a midi controller. Having a few CDs or a USB flash drive in your DJ bag will ensure that you can still put on a show even if your computer breaks.
  4. Be ready to spend money on repairs or replacements – Computer failure can happen at any moment. Sometimes it is more expensive to repair a computer than buy a new one. If your computer does break, and you rely on it to get the job done, it’s important that you have enough money to repair or replace it in a timely manner.
  5. Have your software serial keys accessible – It’s important to keep your DJ software serial numbers someplace easily accessible because you will have to re-install your DJ software if you get a new computer. If you send your broken computer to get repairs, you may find that your DJ software thinks it is running on a new computer depending on how much hardware is replaced during the repair. You can quickly get your DJ software running again if you have the serial number available at your fingertips.

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