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Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 is one of today’s leading DJ applications. This course is a compilation of video tutorials that I have created over the last few years. The advantage to taking this course as opposed to just watching our videos is that the course is structured to make the learning process and simple and easy as possible. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time learning more about Traktor Pro 2 isntead of searching for which video to watch next?

This course covers the following topics:

  1. Soundcard and MIDI Controller Configuration
  2. Browser and Layout Configuration
  3. Importing and Analyzing your Tracks
  4. Create and Save Playlists
  5. Create Beatgrids
  6. Cue Point Basics
  7. 3 Ways to Use Sync
  8. Get Loopy with Loops
  9. Recording Your Mix
  10. Loop Recorder
  11. Remix Decks
  12. How to Map Shift Buttons with MIDI Modifiers
  13. Cruise Mode
  14. Instant Doubles
  15. Turntable Brake Effect
  16. Add Live Inputs to Your DJ Mixes
  17. EQ Types
  18. How to Beatgrid Tracks with Intros
  19. Tips for Mapping Multiple MIDI Controllers
  20. MIDI Command Interaction Modes
  21. MIDI Macros
  22. Mapping LEDs on Your MIDI Controller
  23. Create Effect Presets with MIDI Mapping

Course Requirements

  • A Mac or PC capable of running Traktor Pro 2
  • A good pair of headphones
  • Traktor Pro 2
  • Don’t have Traktor Pro 2? Download the Traktor Pro 2 Demo Version

What People Are Saying About This Course

Sit down. Take the time to watch. Every single video. Just watching his interaction springs thousands of ideas into your head of what you could possibly do. Now that I have a general feel and know where specific functions are in the videos, I’ll simply go back and review. 10/10 A+ 100%
-Mike Fagan

Awesome Course! This course is very good to understand all the functions of Traktor Pro 2. Lessons are well explained and you can learn easily how to work with Traktor Pro 2.
-Marcell Mazzoni

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