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This course is a compilation of video tutorials that we have produced to provide an introduction to Maschine, the groove production studio from Native Instruments. Maschine comes in three flavors – Maschine MK2, Maschine Mikro MK2, and iMaschine – and is a combination of hardware and software. When used together, the hardware gives you unparallelled control over the software. You can use Maschine whether you’re a DJ or producer, in the studio or the club, with the software or as a MIDI controller.

This course is a great opportunity to learn how Maschine works even if you never tried producing music before as all of the video lectures were created with first time users in mind. It starts with the very basics of the software and hardware and gradually moves on to more advanced techniques like macro controls and applying effects to external audio sources.

This course covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Maschine
  2. How to Set Up Your Soundcard
  3. How to Create Custom Drum Kits
  4. How to Save Your Projects
  5. Navigate Mode
  6. Hardware Control Mode
  7. Hardware Step Sequencer Mode
  8. Step Mode vs Control Mode
  9. Pad Mode and Synthesizers
  10. How to Quantize Beats
  11. How to Export Audio
  12. Introduction to Groups
  13. How to Use Scenes
  14. How to Add Effects
  15. How to Adjust Pattern Length
  16. How to Record Automation
  17. Working with Patterns
  18. Advanced Audio Routing
  19. Macro Controls
  20. How to Create Send FX
  21. Choke Groups
  22. How to Use Pad Link to Trigger Multiple Sounds
  23. Sample Editing
  24. How to use Multi-FX
  25. How to Timestretch Samples
  26. Jump Between Scenes with Scene Sync
  27. Classic Drum Machine Emulation
  28. How to Share Projects & Kits
  29. How to Prehear and Replace Samples
  30. Quick Browse
  31. Recording Count In
  32. How to Adjust the Step Sequencer Grid Size
  33. How to Change Group, Scene & Sample Colors
  34. How to Access 64 Patterns Using Pattern Banks
  35. Using the Note Repeat Function
  36. Assign MIDI Controls to Macro Controls
  37. Working with VST Plugins
  38. Sidechain Compression with Ableton Live
  39. Applying FX to an External Instrument
  40. How to add Maschine to Your DJ Setup
  41. How to Control Ableton Live with the Maschine Hardware Controller
  42. How to Customize Your Maschine Controller
  43. How to Enable Host Transport Controls

Course Requirements

  • An interest in music production software and techniques
  • Mac or Windows computer capable of running Maschine
  • Native Instruments Maschine

What People Are Saying About This Course

I enjoyed this course. The instructor speaks clearly and knows the Maschine software and hardware very well. The short videos makes it easier to learn while on the go. I would highly recommend this course to those wanting to learn the 1.8 software release. I’m looking forward to 2.0
-Chris Adkins

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