One issue that digital DJs face is the lack of compatibility between different software applications. Once you commit to using a program like Traktor Pro 2, it’s no easy task to switch to another program like Cross DJ. It’s not because the features are vastly different, but rather due to the time it takes to prepare your tracks for a second time as each software application has its own method of storing your tracks’ cue points, key, and beatgrids. Rekord Buddy from Next Audio Labs solves this problem for users of Traktor Pro 2 and Pioneer’s Rekordbox.

While there have been some other library converters in the past, none have been as comprehensive as Rekord Buddy. This is great if you regularly use both Traktor Pro 2 and Pioneer CDJs or want to try out one or the other without investing too much time beforehand. Unlike other converters, Rekord Buddy allows you to choose whether you want sync everything or be specific in what you sync. Not only that, but it can standardize metadata between libraries. For example, if you use multiple programs that key tracks in different notation schemes, Rekord Buddy can convert them to the notation of your choosing.

Rekord Buddy is available for Mac OSX and can be purchased for $7.99 on the Mac App Store. For more information visit and watch the tutorial videos in the Rekord Buddy FAQ.