iMect, creator of the DJ Player app for iOS, is taking a different approach to creating its next iOS app. Instead of trying to cram in as many features as possible, they’re focusing on incorporating just the essentials: 2 decks, an internal mixer, headphone cueing and one cue point per track. That means no beatgrids, SYNC, looping, effects or MIDI controls. At first glance the app resembles a setup of 2 turntables and a mixer. However, it does have some advanced features like key lock, low and high pass filters, and DVS control.

iMect may be tapping into a market that has been ignored by the major DJ software and hardware manufacturers. There is a group of DJs who don’t want automatically synced tracks, remix decks, or MIDI controls. As companies add more features into their software and hardware, they continue to push away those who don’t want them. The question is, how many DJs make up that group? That’s where you come in. If this interests you, sign up for the PureDJ mailing list and show your support for the development of Pure DJ. There is also an email address listed that you can send your ideas and feedback to.

Are you interested in PureDJ? If developed into an app, would you buy it? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.