As a DJ, you may not have heard of Loopmasters. They are a company that produces and sells sample packs. Until recently Loopmasters have sold packs primarily to producers. They now have a new series of packs specifically targeted to DJs called “DJ Mixtools”. Each pack contains samples based on a particular theme or genre. Some theme examples include: Swedish House, Trance, and Tech House.

Each genre pack contains 4 sets of samples. Each set contains elements that can be layered on top of your existing tracks, or with each other. Individual samples that make up each element are also often included. All samples are .wav files so should work in any DJ application or piece of hardware. Ableton Live users will be happy to know that each pack comes with corresponding .asd files for every file so you don’t have to spend any time warping. All of the sample packs are royalty-free, so you can also use the samples in your productions.