The most common question that I am asked is “How do I find new music?”. The answer is pretty simple. You have to listen to as much music as you can. Okay, so that doesn’t really answer. Here is one way to find new music.

Start your search by making a list of your favorite producers who are also DJs. Chances are, they have a radio show, podcast, or both. Doing a simple search online will tell you when artists’ radio shows are broadcasted and if they are also available as podcasts. You can also do a search on iTunes for podcasts if you are an avid iTunes user. Find the titles of the tracks that you like and write them down on a piece of paper or in a text document.

You might be thinking “But those tracks won’t be released for a while. How can I find what tracks are coming out today?”. Pick your preferred Digital Download Store and view the new releases daily. Don’t have time to check the new releases everyday? Then check on Mondays and Fridays as most tracks are released at the beginning and end of the business week. While you’re there follow any link that mentions of “Similar Artists You Might Like”. You’ll probably find an artist or two that you like.

So now you’ve probably inundated with a ton of new tracks and mixes to listen to. That’s okay. Listening to music is fun, right? Remember that just because the big-name DJs only play tracks for a week or two on their radio shows, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the tracks you like. The lifespan of a track is not simply determined by how often it gets played the the most popular DJs.

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