One of the most common problem for Digital DJs is USB connectivity. You either need more USB ports or are not able to supply your controllers with enough power. Watch this video to learn how a powered USB hub can help solve your midi controller problems.

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  • Jsv12187

    hey please be carful doing this. in some cases you can fry your usb ports and more. i fried my macbook doing the same thing you did. i was told to be weary of what the powerd hub is rated at for power.

    • thedjpodcast

      I’ve never heard of that happening before. The power on the hub should only be providing power to the devices connected to it, not the computer you have it connected to.

  • Yeah. I don’t think it’ll fry the computer at all. There are some thermal and voltage  control measures in place. Worse comes to worst, I think it’s only the USB hub that will stop working.